A Brief History of the Scots Guard

Brother Ed Vardiman, serving as Secretary/Registrar at the time, brought a news item before the Fraternal Relations Committee that a new group of 32° Masons, Knights of St. Andrew was formed in Tulsa, OK in 1993. This was something that the Committee was very interested in and asked Brother Vardiman to write for more information.

At the next meeting of the Committee, Brother Vardiman brought a copy of the elaborate ritual, the dress code and what was expected of a Knight of St. Andrew. It was felt that in order to have as many new members in the organization, it would be much better to have a simple dress code and installation ceremony, thus the Scots Guard was born.

A simple ritual based on “The Circle of Friendship” an old ‘honor’ ceremony of the Scottish Rite, with the presentation of a tartan along with the ‘black cap’ seemed just the right thing. ‘Friendship’ was selected as the byword. All that was needed was the right leader. Brother Luke Bentley, a dynamic new member, was selected as the 1st Commander, and the Scots Guard was set to work.

The Scots Guard performs many functions for Covington Scottish Rite Bodies primarily ritual, forming an arch of steel for visitors, and a welcoming committee. The have even conferred Blue Lodge degrees displaying their tartans, when requested. They are easily recognized by their dress and friendly greeting, “Hello, Friend and Brother!”

Scots Guard Club Officers - October 2019 - 2020

Gregory T. England, 32º, KCCH
Valley Coordinator
Matt Shelton, 32º SHG
Jeff Rath 32° SHG
Lieutenant Commander
Richard Miller, 32° SHG
Captain General
Monte Roberts, 32° SHG
Captain of the Guard
Darryl Mitchell, 32° SHG
Lieutenant of the Guard
Ethan Wells, 32° SHG