A Brief History of the 33° Club

It is uncertain when the Thirty Third Degree Club was formed. It was a vibrant organization in Covington Valley during the years of Vince Webster as Personal Representive. The Club held two meetings a year which included the ladies and would often hold them at a Kentucky State Park. At first the 33° Club was exclusive. However, when Fred Bryant became Personal Representative, he felt in would be good to include the Knight Commanders of the Court of Honor, and their ladies. Brother Bryant also began the Honors Banquet to welcome the new Honoree’s, which is conducted under the auspices of the 33rd Degree Club. A number of Covington Scottish Rite’s most distinguished Masons have headed the 33° Club.

Thirty-Third Club Officers

J. D. Reeder
William O. Smith "Snuffy"
1st Vice-President
Charlie Thompson
2nd Vice-President
Fred "Mano" Runyon
Edwin L. Vardiman Sr.