A Brief History of the Ambassadors

Always interested in communication, Brother Fred Bryant, Personal Representative wished to have more contact with the brethren in the local and outlining lodges to create more interest and encourage the brethren to enjoy their Scottish Rite membership either locally or in their respective Club. Brother Bryant asked Brother Ed Colston to head up a new group, called Ambassadors who would work to such an end. Brother Colston appointed the new Ambassadors, mostly leaders in their masonic area, which proved to be very successful. Attendance arose and more petitions were received.

Unfortunately, Brother Colston became ill and departed this life and for years the Ambassador program waned. Brother Bryant realizing the need to reinstitute the Ambassador Program asked Brother Bill Lorenz who was serving as Membership Chairman to select and head a new group of Ambassadors. Brothers Lorenz, Bryant and Keith Dreier sat down with a list of Scottish Rite members and selected the various District Ambassadors, and County/Lodge Ambassadors, all proven top notch leaders, and in 2010 the new Ambassadors Program began.

The Ambassadors were to aid those Scottish Rite brethren who had questions from the office and assist the office who needed information from a member; participate in the Scottish Rite Traveling Gavel; and to announce Lodge functions at the Scottish Rite, and Scottish Rite functions to their respective Lodges, improving attendance at both; and under the direction of the District Ambassador. The coveted black coat is presented to the Ambassador of the Year and an engraved pocket watch is presented to the District Ambassador of the Year.

This program proved so successful that it was adopted by the Sovereign Grand Inspector General to be used for all Kentucky.


James Reynolds - Chief Ambassador

Ambassadors - District 17

Ambassadors - District 18

Ambassadors - District 19

Ambassadors - District 21

Ambassadors - District 22

Ambassadors - District 23

Ambassadors - District 27

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Ambassadors - District 29

District Ambassadors of the Year

Ambassadors of the Year