Valley of Covington Clubs…

Our several clubs offer our members several avenues to get involved in promoting Masonry and Scottish Rite.




The Scots Guard

Is a club for members to greet every brother and stand guard for all of Scottish Rite.

“Building Friendship by Working Together”

1200 Club

The 1200 Club of the Covington Scottish Rite was incorporated for the purpose of engaging in such activities that will create interest, brotherhood and contribute financially to the well being of the Consistory. To become a member, contact the 1200 Club Secretary and make it be known that you want to associate with this group of wise and prudent Masons who work diligently for the advancement of the Scottish Rite. The annual dues are twelve dollars and when you have contributed one hundred and twenty dollars in ten years or less you become a life member and are not further obligated to pay dues. Many members, however, elect to purchase more than one life membership; these members are truly the unselfish champions of the Rite.




Knight Commander of the Court of Honor Club





Thirty-Third Club

Scottish Rite Clubs – Local